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How to Stop Websites from Spying on You

Protect your privacy online and turn "Do not track" On or Off in Chrome

Ever clicked on a Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Website AD and found that it keeps hunting you down everywhere on the internet? It’s a thing on the internet, it makes big tech big money while compromising your privacy.

The worst part is that, most people don’t even know this happens to them. It’s time to put a stop to it. We will cover various techniques ranging from configuring Firefox, Brave and turning “Do not track’ On or Off in Chrome.

In this training, you will learn:

  1. Do apps and websites really spy on you?

  2. What is AD tracking

  3. Why you should care about it

  4. What risks does AD tracking pose to your privacy

  5. How to stop AD tracking and web sites from spying on what you do on the internet

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