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3 Great Ways to Take Screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy

Also, how to take and send long screenshots to Android and iPhone users

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What is this for?

This shows you how to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy in 3 different ways.

Why should I care?

Screenshots are very important for sharing content with others. At times, articles get taken down or the information is sensitive, which requires us to make an archive of things. Screenshot is the best way.

Sometimes screenshots are too large to share with other Android or iPhone users. I will show you how you can easily overcome that with your phone in a matter of a second.

Also, what if you’d like to share something with someone and would like them to draw their attention to something specific. Writing on the screenshot is another great way of sharing content. All of that and more is explained in this video.

How to do this?

Watch the video for full instructions and an explanation and let me know if you would like to see written instructions by commenting!

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