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Make "File Transfer" the Default USB Setting on Android

No need to do extra work on the phone to transfer files

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What is this for?

This is for letting your phone know that when you plug in your Android phone to a PC or a Mac using a USB cable, that it should be ready to show the folder on your phone so you can easily copy files back and forth.

Why should I care?

Usually, when you plug in your phone to a computer, it automatically decides what to do, like turn your phone into a storage for transferring files, or turn your phone into hot-spot so you can share your phone’s internet with your laptop's etc., or even act as TV so PC apps can show you what’s on your Android's screen.

Most of the time, most of us plug in our phones to a PC to simple transfer files, but the phone disagrees with that decision and thinks it should act as a modem.

Usually, you just need to swipe down the notification bar and select “File transfer”, which adds steps and complications.

If that’s the issue you’re having, this is the tutorial for you. Otherwise, skip it!

But for those need this, here’s how to do it 👇


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