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[Audio] Improved Android Audio for Ages 30-60+

How to enhance Audio on Android and iPhone for higher ages

Hello Savvies. As you know, I have gone to a doctor of pharmacy training and as part of my training I have worked with geriatric patients. It became clear that there is an area of opportunity when it comes to enhancing one’s audio perception beginning as early as mid-late 30s and above.

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Why should I care?

It is clear that the significant minority of people experience diminished hearing as part of their normal aging process. Especially in the higher sound frequency ranges.

In this video trainings, I will show you how to enhance your audio to make using the phone much more pleasant and accessible to all of us.

What to expect from this training

This training shows how to apply specific enhancements to your music and voice listening process on a Samsung Galaxy, One+ and an iPhone. Though, this is not an iPhone training module, I wanted to make an all-inclusive video that goes over the theory (very lightly) and ways to improve sound on all major devices. Essentially a trining video you’d love to share with everyone, regardless of their technology preference.


What to know

Please remember that the availability of the features and their location in the menu could vary wildly on Android devices (not the iPhone). This is due to the large number of Android versions, manufacturers and operating system customizations applied by various manufacturers.

What if my phone doesn’t have what you show?

If you can find a specific option, it either does not exist on your phone or it is hidden in a different sub-menu. Please use the search function in the Settings menu header to try to locate it. Full explanation on how to do this could be found in the Android Academy Introduction video.

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