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Master Protecting Your Wi-Fi to Minimize Data Theft: Privacy Training Module 12


In an era where our digital footprints echo loudly, protecting online privacy is a fundamental concern. This comprehensive training aims to bolster your understanding and enable a more secure digital experience, while also exploring related topics such as improving Wi-Fi speed on your Android, making your Android screen more responsive, understanding how Android is hiding your apps, and optimizing your Samsung Galaxy's battery. Discover further insights on how to protect your data on Android and the impact of Android fragmentation on users as you journey towards a fortified online presence.

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What the heck is VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is akin to a secure tunnel, where your data travels encrypted and inaccessible to external intruders. It's a buffer between your device and the online world, ensuring your digital interactions remain private and secure. Especially while connecting to public Wi-Fi networks at cafes or hotels, a VPN is your best bet against potential data theft. More insights on the importance of secure Wi-Fi can be gleaned from our guide on how to Protect Your Wi-Fi.

How does VPN work

A VPN operates by masking your IP address, rendering your online actions virtually untraceable.

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