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The Hardware Savvy portal is a video platform where regular people can count on becoming better with their mobile phone or home computer. You will never be judged for asking a “stupid” question, nor will you see a single ad. In fact, I am allergic to ads, sponsored posts or time-wasting.

How many trainings are there?

Right off the bat, you will get access to 300+ training videos not found anywhere online. You have full access to comments, where you can ask questions, request training videos and interact with others. New videos are released tri-weekly and will be delivered starlight to your email inbox. No algos, no missed posts.

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Our community of 18K+ members consists of complete newbies, semi-advanced people and even those who worked in tech in the past. We love helping each other and this is the friendliest tech community out there. What you will never find here is tech snobs. We are allergic to them as well.

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